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SATURDAY, APRIL 17 2004 from 9:00 A.M.  to 10:00 P.M. at Three Rivers Community College (Mohegan Campus) in Norwich, CT   (directions)               ================================================



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Q: What is the Connecticut Songwriting and Performance Conference ?

A: An all-day event that brings together professionals in many aspects of the craft and business of popular music to share expertise, experiences, and songs. ================================================

Q: What is the educational objective of the event?

A: There are several objectives:

(a) To provide anyone with an interest in pursuing popular music as a career a realistic look at the skills and knowledge needed to be successful

(b) To provide educators with techniques and insights to better enable incorporation of songwriting and popular music into their music or service learning or curriculum integration programs

(c) to show how popular music can provide meaningful service learning opportunities for students at any  level and partnering opportunities for independent artists

(d) To provide attendees with access to professionals with expertise and experience in a wide range of topics,  for structured and unstructured interaction, networking, feedback, and sharing.


Q: What is the format of the conference?

A: There is a mix of structured and unstructured time. There are scheduled workshops at specific times, and there will be open time to meet with individual presenters, have songs critiqued, share a song at an open mike, etc. . There is an evening concert, featuring original music and the music of Harry Chapin, which will be a demonstration of Service Learning in Action, as it is a benefit for Connecticut Social Services.  

During the entire time there will be exhibitor tables where you can interact with presenters and vendors on such topics as music technology, practice strategies, voice coaching, guitar care and techniques, and much more.               ================================================

Q: Can I get Professional Educator CEU's for attending ?

A: Yes, the event is approved by LEARN, provider #245.  there are 3 CEU's for the first 4 sessions attended, and additional CEU's for additional full hours of activities attended and signed in.  ================================================

Q: Can students attend ?

A: Definitely ! Each teacher registered may bring up to 3 students at no additional cost, except for meals. Note that this event is recommended for mature students who are serious about what they do.                              ================================================

Q: Who will be there ?

A : The list of presenters reads like a Who's Who of popular music from New York and Connecticut -- presenter details can be found here, and at their individual web sites.   We expect the attendees to include independent songwriters and performing artists, educators, and students, providing a wide range of networking opportunities.   ( NOTE: Presenters may be added or removed from the list due to scheduling conflicts ) ================================================

Q: Tell me about the critique sessions.

A: Getting constructive, objective feedback on works in progress is an invaluable aid in making your work be the best it can be. Having experienced critiquers who can provide objective feedback in a supportive, non-judgmental way is an incredible opportunity to see how your work is being interpreted by others, to see where your strengths are, and to learn where you might want to give more attention in your crafting process. CSA has developed the critique process over a 25-year history, during which thousands of songs have been presented and discussed.    ================================================

Q. Will there be performance opportunities ?

A: We expect to have 2-4 performing venues, including a great coffeehouse style area. Some of the time will be unstructured open mike, some will be featured performers requiring advance booking (contact Bill Pere, at                 Since performances will run concurrently with some of the other activities, we cannot guarantee audience size at any given time., but it is a great opportunity to share your music. . Any attendee may request a performance slot. As the performance times and venues are limited, early requests will receive preference. It is expected that performances will consist of original songs.  ================================================

Q: Are there other special offers for professional educators or Indie artist groups?

A: Educators who register may join the Connecticut Songwriters Association at a 25% discount. ($30 vs $40). Also, any school which sends 5 or more people (teachers or students) may have a CSA professional come to the school as an artist -in-residence for the day, at discounted cost. 

In addition, there are registration discounts for RISA, BSW, Folk Alliance, Indiegrrl, CTFolk,  and Songsalive! .


Q: What is the "Service Learning Concert" ?

A:  The finale event of the day will be an evening concert. The show is a benefit for hunger relief and social service agencies in the state through LUNCH.   The concert will feature music by all-star CSA artists,   and The LUNCH Ensemble, a group of performing youth who use the power popular music to produce positive social action,   led by  Indie Artist of the Year Bill Pere,  accompanied by other CSA artists.  There will be music from the legacy of Harry Chapin, as well as lots of original music.   For details on the LUNCH Community Outreach programs, visit


Q: Where can I learn more?

A: For current details on the Conference, always check this website ( )

For information on Service Learning and School programs, go to For information on the CT Songwriters Association, go to

For more information on the presenters, check their individual websites.

If you have specific questions, contact us at


 Schedule    Presenters   Registration    FAQ's   Feedback  Review  Photos